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"We had to drop you a line straight away to say how brilliant Sheik, Rattle and Roll! is!" - M Dumrill, Wakefield

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A Guide Book

Primary School Musicals & how to survive them!

Sheila's fun and helpful new book for teachers is NOW IN STOCK!


Kazoos need never drop to the stage again ... these stylish purple and red kazoos from Redhead Music come threaded with red cotton bands so your kazoo-band can wear them. Brilliant! We are now selling Kazoos, available to order with any musical. Or separately! Brilliant!


Easter Praise is now available as a free downloadable Welsh translation. Press here for details. Do you know any teachers in Korea? Three of Sheila's musicals have now been published there...
Contact us for details.


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KK12 (Kazoos)

Bag of 12 Kazoos and lanyards





Our stylish red and purple kazoos come on cotton lanyards so they don't get lost, or dropped on stage.
They come in bags of 12, for £29.99.

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