Date: November 3rd 2013

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Great new children's music for this Christmas!

Great new children's music for this Christmas!

Perfect for 3-6s:
Jump if you love Christmas!

Five catchy songs your kids will love, with jumping, hopping, twisting, clapping & sleigh-bells, plus easy optional play. What fun!
  Perfect for 5-11s:

Six cool songs & a reprise, with easy, impressive echo singing, and optional harmonies, hand-jives, ukuleles, recorders, glockenspiels, & kazoos. Also an entertaining, adaptable play in rhyme.

Both are suitable for any number of children and come with CDs which include backtracks. All the songs are also on iTunes!

For full details see our website, where you'll find loads of great Christmas music like Hosanna Rock!, Rock around the Flock!, The Tiptoe Nativity and Scrooge! Plus our invaluable book Primary School Musicals and How to Survive Them!, kazoos and sleigh bells!

Need advice? Contact Sheila on

Best wishes for the Christmas Season, from the Redhead Music team

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