Date: September 12th 2012

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... it's Harvest time!

Seven great harvest music resources by much-loved composer Sheila Wilson! All come complete with readings and backing tracks... just add children, fruit and vegetables!

Easy PEASy Harvest, we've BEAN blessed! - KS1
As the name suggests, this is the perfect Harvest celebration if you’re looking for something simple, fun and easy to learn. Your children and your audience will love it.
Harvest Rock! is a collection of six catchy and poignant new songs for harvest and autumn (also including the topic of nutrition).
Harvest Praise! is an irresistibly enjoyable Harvest Festival, guaranteed to send your audiences home humming it at the end. Harvest Praise is a ready-made harvest festival – just add fruit and vegetables!
  HARVEST ... it's a little bit CORNy! KS1 & 2
This latest harvest musical from Sheila Wilson is every bit as fun as Easy PEASy harvest! Harvest Praise! and Hooray for Harvest! There are kazoos, hand-jives, actions, steps, and an optional prayer. Harvest in style!
Harvestsong is a delightful harvest festival, with plenty of readings for the whole class. It also includes a presentation called Harvests around the world, and a short interactive ‘quiz’ with the audience to name some exotic fruits and vegetables.
This first Harvest songbook by Sheila Wilson, published by Novello, is still very popular indeed. The songs cover a variety of styles, including blues (the wry ‘Food chain blues’) and anthem (Bring your children hope’), whilst ‘Hooray for harvest’ is a fun, catchy song with actions. There’s also a prayer, and topic work, making this ideal for a harvest celebration or a series of harvest assemblies.
Lord of the Harvest! has seven songs which make excellent performance pieces. Lord of the Harvest! is the perfect choice for slightly older children, or to stretch younger children’s repertoire, or if you’re looking for something a little more substantial than most harvest musicals; it creates an impressive festival or concert.

You can browse, listen and buy online at - Happy Harvest!

PS: Looking for something new this Christmas? You'll also find details of our brand new Christmas musical: Nativity ... it takes a village.

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