Date: April 27th 2012

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Summer Term grand-finales from Redhead Music!

Here are our suggestions to end your summer term with a grand finale!

Superkids Rock the Planet! KS1-2 (ages 5-11).
A fun, feel-good, glee-style musical with 5 catchy songs including kazoos, handjives & easy 2-part singing plus a play with lots of short speaking parts that can be freely extended. Includes H20 blues; and Pass it On! It's a concert AND it's conservation/recycling topic work. Superkids Rock the planet ... yeah!!
  Crikey, Moses! KS1+ & 2 (ages 6-11).
With 8 songs and a dramatic play, there are creative opportunities for drama, dance, scenery, three-part singing (in a round), rockin' and rollin', kazoos, handjives, and even a chance for Pharaoh to vamp it up in style! Everyone loves the song 'Gnats, Gnats everywhere (even in your underwear!). Crikey, Moses ... it's a bit of values-education, and a lot of fun!
Prodigal Rock! KS2 (ages 7-11).
A perfect theme for a leavers' play, this famous story has a bit of a moral, but told with great humour and some rocking music! There are 8 songs in all, with plenty of optional harmonies and solos, handjives, kazoos, occasional poignant moments (bring your tissues, mum!), and a whole load of celebrating at the end. A full-on end of term production!
  Rock the Boat (ark, ark!) KS1-2 (ages 5-11).
What's not to love about Noah?! This is a great way to end the year, with 7 cool songs, laughter, animals, rhyming narration, a Mrs Noah with pet-allergies, and just when you least expect it a tear or two ('Live in Peace'). For reasons unknown, it's published on cassette (why?!) but fear not, Redhead Music provides a free CRD recording if you purchase it from us!
Bathsheba! KS2 (ages 10-11+).
And now for something completely different ... if you're looking for a more serious play for your year 6's, this is a good choice. Love, war, regret ... David's come a long way from the boy who slayed Goliath. Being a King has gone to his head, and now he makes some bad decisions ... then finally a good one! The 8 songs are challenging, often witty, with part-singing, and even one in 7/4!, and it all sounds extremely impressive! The play can be simply or elaborately set, & includes staging directions. 'Bathsheba' provokes plenty of values-discussions! It's a big performance, with lots of potential, and a happy ending.
  Fig Leaf Blues! KS1-2 (ages 5-11).
Back to light-hearted musicals for all ages! Even God takes a rest on day 7, but only after a whole load of creative fun along the way! Children and parents love the (mild) humour in this, and there's plenty of craft and dressing-up scope if you'd like it. Everyone leaves singing the catchy theme tune, and the kids will still be doing the handjives next term!

All these musicals come with music books, a play, and a CD which includes backing tracks. They are all on our website, where you'll find others, too (The Selfish Giant, David's Rock (Goliath's Roll!), Rock the Walls!). Or call us on 01235 465577 to order, or 01628 473806 for advice!

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