Date: February 2nd 2012

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Is it a good idea to wrap-up Easter before half term?

Wrapping up your Easter plans early could seriously improve half-term relaxation!
We have Easter music to suit all your requirements:

Here Comes Jesus!  Easter Praise!  Easter Children!  Resurrection Rock!  Golden Apple Easter Songbook  The Selfish Giant

Each musical comes with a CD (which includes backing tracks), and can be used with the accompanying play or with bible readings. Each is suitable for assembly songs, an Easter service, class-singing, choir, or junior-church. Each includes a wonderful variety of music, from heart-achingly touching, to hand-jiving rock’n’rolling, for a moving and memorable Easter celebration.

Full details of all children’s music (including Hosanna Rock! and Scrooge!) by Sheila Wilson can be found on our website, where you can also listen to excerpts.

You can also keep up to date with Sheila’s latest music, ask questions or share ideas for other teachers, on her blog

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