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New BrochureDownload Our Latest Brochure, including details of brand new Christmas music for early years & KS1-2, plus our entire range of harvest, easter, Christmas and all-year music.

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A Guide Book

Primary School Musicals & how to survive them! A guide book. Primary School Musicals & how to survive them!

Sheila's fun and helpful new book for teachers is NOW IN STOCK!


kazoosKazoos need never drop to the stage again ... these stylish purple and red kazoos from Redhead Music come threaded with red cotton bands so your kazoo-band can wear them. Brilliant! We are now selling Kazoos, available to order with any musical. Or separately! Brilliant!

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Easter Praise is now available as a free downloadable Welsh translation. Press here for details. Do you know any teachers in Korea? Three of Sheila's musicals have now been published there...
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Our Great Range of Harvest Festivals!

For 4-7s:
Easy Peasy Harvest
For 5-11s:
Harvest Praise!
For 5-11s:
Harvest Rock!
For 5-11s:
Harvest - its a little bit corny!
Best for 7-12s:
Lord of the Harvest

In a Hurry?
You can download our ready-made Harvest Festival - Harvest - it's a little bit CORNy! - right now!

Our Christmas Musicals - with Digital Downloads too!

We have a huge catalogue of Christmas Musicals written by Sheila Wilson
and all the ones below are available as Digital Downloads!
Peace On Earth! Gold Frankencense and Mirth! Do the Christmas Rock! The Nativity Party Jump if you love Christmas!

Teacher Resources and Workshops

Book with tips and tricks for running successful school musicals. A Teacher Workshop in Bradford
Looking for Help and Advice?

Sheila Wilson often runs Teacher Workshops at various shows, like the Annual Education Show at Birmingham's NEC, and with groups of teachers at LEAs and Music Hubs.

Contact Us for more Information.

Performances across the country

Sheila Wilson's musical 'Scrooge' at the Royal Albert Hall, 2009 Sheila Wilson's musical 'New Millennium Heroes' being performed in the park in 2010 Sheila Wilson working with schools at Leeds Cathedral in

30 Essex schools singing 'Scrooge' at the Royal Albert Hall (2009), the Joint Marlow schools singing songs
from New Millennium Heroes! 2010, and Sheila conducting at The Children's Society's annual Christingle Celebration at Liverpool Cathedral (2015)

Commissioned Songs for Schools

Sheila Wilson's working with The Girl's Day School Trust for a newly commissioned song. Sheila working with Lent Rise School in Burnham, on a School Song for the children.
A Special Song, Just For You?

Sheila often works with schools to create specially commissioned songs designed especially for individual schools and choirs.

Contact Us for more Information.

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Most Recent Musicals



The POP-UP NATIVITY! is a fun, easy and very adaptable Christmas play or show, ideal for early years, pre-school, nursery, reception, and easy KS1, ages c3-6. It ca... See More

Peace On Earth! (Everyone's Christmas Wish...) (2015)

Peace On Earth! (EveryoneWhat better wish for children - and all of us - this Christmas than Peace on Earth? This fun & poignant new musical from Sheila Wilson (Hosanna Rock!, Scrooge, Rock Around the Flock, The Selfish Giant) moves through laughter and tears as it tells... See More

Gold, Frankincense & Mirth! (2014)

Gold, Frankincense & Mirth! by Sheila WilsonLaughter is a precious gift! In this heartwarming new nativity musical, the wise men bring joy a-plenty, along with their more traditional gifts! Children will love the entertaining play and the seven catchy songs, including a hand-jiving finale; and... See More

Jump if you love Christmas! (2013)

Jump if you love Christmas! by Sheila WilsonJump if you love Christmas! is a perfect early-years (3-6) celebration for little kids! It has five fun and funky action-songs which are quick to pick up. The CD has great backing tracks as well as songs, and the optional easy play has short rhyming ... See More

do the CHRISTMAS ROCK! (2013)

do the CHRISTMAS ROCK! by Sheila Wilson(do the) CHRISTMAS ROCK! What better way to celebrate Christmas? Parents and teachers can join in the hand-jives too! This wonderfully feel-good show or song- collection has 6 irresistible songs (plus reprise), with optional ukuleles, recorders, gloc... See More

Nativity ... it takes a village (2012)

Nativity ... it takes a village by Sheila WilsonThey say it takes a village to raise a child... and in Bethlehem, a kind stable-owner and some local shepherds all played their part in Jesus' early days! In this fun new nativity from Sheila Wilson (Hosanna Rock!), a few extra neighbours help too, w... See More

Primary School Musicals & how to survive them! (2011)

Primary School Musicals & how to survive them! by Sheila WilsonOK, not a musical, but an unmissable musical-resource! Sheila Wilson's great new book, full of humour and practical advice.
Includes an invaluable timeline!
This short book is easy to read and is packed ful... See More

Nativity Rock! (2011)

Nativity Rock! by Sheila WilsonNativity Rock! is the latest musical from Sheila Wilson, the composer of Hosanna Rock! Its seven original, catchy songs and entertaining play tell the Christmas story with flair and enthusiasm, which children and audiences will love. The show begins ... See More

The Nativity Party! (bring your own lamb) (2011)

The Nativity Party! (bring your own lamb) by Sheila WilsonThe Nativity Party! is a fun Christmas celebration which young children will love! Its six songs are catchy and cool, it has plenty of the 'ahh' factor, the short optional play is easy and can be read by a helper if you prefer, and to add to the fun ... See More

Superkids Rock! The Planet (2011)

Superkids Rock! The Planet by Sheila WilsonSuperkids Rock! Is a mini-musical written in the styles of rock, jazz and blues and focuses on 'saving the planet' through conservation. It deals with issues of recycling, energy conservation, water and respecting the environment in which we live. Th... See More

Most Popular Musicals

Hosanna Rock!

Hosanna Rock! by Sheila WilsonPerfect for an easy but impressive show! One of the most popular and well-loved nativities in the UK, Hosanna Rock has been performed by thousands of schools and churches. Its eleven short songs and reprise are catchy and quick to learn. The play and... See More

Scrooge! A Ghost of a Chance

Scrooge! A Ghost of a Chance by Sheila WilsonThis entertaining adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, by Colin Baker (Doctor Who) and Sheila Wilson (Hosanna Rock!), makes a perfect Christmas production. The script is witty, clever and sharp, the characters appealing, and the eleven songs cap... See More

The Tiptoe Nativity!

The Tiptoe Nativity! by Sheila WilsonThe Tiptoe Nativity is an easy and very appealing production, which all young children will adore! From the opening song 'Look, look, there's an angel!' (jump, jump, there's an angel...clap, clap, etc!), to counting on little fingers in 'One, two, ... See More

Rock Around The Flock!

Rock Around The Flock! by Sheila WilsonThis is one of our most popular musicals and is perfect for younger or older children, or for a combined performance. Its ten songs are instantly appealing and catchy, and include a gentle lullaby; the fun 'Oh, what treasure'; the kazoo-accompanied '... See More

Christmas Stars! (the Xmas factor!)

Christmas Stars! (the Xmas factor!) by Sheila WilsonEveryone's talking about the Xmas factor! It's perfect if you're looking for an impressive Christmas show. Two angels (Reub and Ish) narrate comically as we go back in time to the first nativity, with God holding auditions for the key parts. Everyone... See More

Nativity Rock!

Nativity Rock! by Sheila WilsonNativity Rock! is the latest musical from Sheila Wilson, the composer of Hosanna Rock! Its seven original, catchy songs and entertaining play tell the Christmas story with flair and enthusiasm, which children and audiences will love. The show begins ... See More

Resurrection Rock!

Resurrection Rock! by Sheila WilsonResurrection Rock! is immensely popular in schools and churches, as it tells the Easter story in bible readings, with seven lovely songs between. Although written for KS2+ ages, it can actually be performed by all ages, from KS1 up to teenagers and w... See More

Easter Praise!

Easter Praise! by Sheila WilsonThe eight songs in Easter Praise! are catchy and very easy to learn, but the play is slightly more challenging than 'Here comes Jesus', (though easy for KS2). There are 16 speaking parts, which can be read rather than acted if you prefer, and two sim... See More

Rock the Baby

Rock the Baby by Sheila WilsonPerfect if you're looking for a heart-warming traditional nativity, Rock the Baby is poignant and fun. It has eight easy and varied songs, which include easy solo and group singing, a rhyme for the innkeepers, optional instrumentals, percussion, hand... See More

Easter Children!

Easter Children! by Sheila WilsonThis Easter musical has seven original songs and includes a simple but dramatic play, which portrays the intrigue and mixed emotions of the Easter story. It has been set for a cast of approximately 25, although this can be varied to suit your childre... See More

Sheila Wilson

Sheila Wilson wrote her first musical, Hosanna Rock!, in 1990; it was published in 1993 and quickly became a best-seller. She now has over forty titles with new ones published each year, and her music is performed enthusiastically by thousands of schools each year. Her publishers include Novello, Golden Apple, Faber Music and her own Company, Redhead Music.

Her music has often been performed on television and radio, as well as at the Royal Albert Hall and many Cathedrals. Schools in Australia, South Africa, Japan, the Caribbean, Canada and the USA have also joined in the fun. Sheila's trademark style is a combination of catchy rock&roll and blues songs (often with actions or hand-jives), mixed with heart-achingly gentle songs.

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